We love love — all kinds of love. Squishy, romantic love. Shower-you-with-noogies sibling love. Smile-through-sleep-deprivation parent/child love. Super empowering self-love. We’re bona fide love junkies because we know the power that comes when there’s love in your life. It’s a source of strength and support, confidence and compassion. But sometimes love can be hard to find — in ourselves and in others. For those moments when love seems lost, wrap yourself pink decadence with our Love throw — and in the knowledge that every Thread Talk™ purchase helps domestic violence victims across the country start a new life.
They say love is all you need. We say love AND a pretty pink throw.  

  • Size: 60" width, 80" length. Whip-stitch boarder
  • Made from 58% cotton, 35% acrylic, 7% polyester
  • Oeko-Tex certified
  • Made in the European Union
  • Machine wash on the gentle cycle in cold water.
  • Tumble dry on low. Do not bleach or iron.

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