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You will become part of a wonderful and passionate network of individuals from across the US committed to making a positive difference!

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Message from our founder
Hannah Kay Herdlinger:

My marriage reached a breaking point on Super Bowl Sunday 2014, when an argument turned violent. It wasn’t the first time, but it turned out to be the worst. Had the hit been slightly harder or to the right, I would be dead or in a coma. With the support of friends and family, this was the wake-up call I needed to leave that relationship.

Unfortunately, many do not have the same support system to change their circumstances. Domestic violence shelters provide shelter, safety, security, and programs to help them get back on their feet. These shelters change lives. They continue to be overcrowded, and more support needs to exist. That’s why I created Thread Talk.

Becoming a Thread Talk Trailblazer not only means selling blankets, but it's an opportunity to spread awareness about domestic violence.

Join us as we work to empower the survivors in your local community and beyond!

Are you ready to join the the Trailblazers representing 37 states and 87 cities (and counting!) across the United States?


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