How To Handle The Holidays With Confidence While Mending A Broken Heart

How To Handle The Holidays With Confidence While Mending A Broken Heart

The holiday season is a time for festive fun with friends and family. But if you’re entering the season with a tender heart for whatever reason; break up, job loss, or just a rough year all around, the holidays can exasperate feelings you’ve been desperately trying to avoid.

It happens to the best of us; sometimes life just throws a few curve balls and the holidays go from something we excitedly anticipate to something we all but dread. we’re not going to lie to you, finding happiness in the midst of brokenness can be tough. But it’s not impossible.

Whatever it is that has you feeling less than festive, know that you truly deserve to enjoy your holiday season; and we want to help make that possible.

Get it out

Pent up emotion can cloud perspective. Whether you spend some time daily journaling through your emotions or you chat things out with a close friend, let yourself feel what you’re feeling and slowly release it.

Be honest

If spending time with certain unavoidable people this holiday season is causing your heart to tighten, try being real with them. Pull them aside and share the state of your heart and ask for them to respect it. many family and friend social snafus happen without intention due to ignorance. You’d be surprised how understanding and kind people can be in the face of true vulnerability, and you may even find that your relationship with that individual deepens.

Bring a buddy

Though it may be tempting to hunker down and hibernate until January, attending the social events you’ve been invited to may actually be good for your heart. But attending solo, especially if you’re mending a broken heart, can be tough. Ask a close friend to attend with you. Having a buffer for conversation and just knowing that you’re not alone will help tremendously.

Make time for yourself

Introduce balance into your social calendar. There is a true value in taking time to get reacquainted with yourself after you’ve experienced something heart breaking. Distractions are good, but you also need time to heal. Make time for a solo walk by a lake, go for a run on the beach, or hike through a mountain. Our founder, Hannah Kay, actually booked a solo cruise in the week between Christmas and New Years her first holiday season after her experience with domestic violence. She confessed that it was so good for her soul to spend time with herself that she now books a solo vacation yearly.

Prepare interesting topics of conversation

You likely want to steer clear of the standard small talk topics. You know the ones: How are you and so-and-so? How’s work? What’s new? If you’re anything like us, you can’t help but spit out the truth in those situations which can put a real damper on an otherwise festive occasion. Read up on some interesting pop culture, scan a newspaper, or scroll through facebook for the newest viral sensation and mentally bookmark party-safe topics!

We hope this helps you enter into the holiday season with confidence and find a way to enjoy yourself. We truly wish you hope, peace and joy.

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