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"As a domestic violence survivor and an interior designer, I’m so glad that I can show my clients a company that is making a positive impact on the community. I love incorporating Thread Talk blankets into every home - the soft colors are so warm, comforting, and inviting."

— Matthew M.


"Thread Talk is the perfect everyday blanket- so soft and cozy. It makes an amazing gift for any occasion, but also makes me feel great about giving back to such an important cause."

— Aria M.


"This is 5 Star in every way: Blanket – 5 Star quality, Selection – 5 Star choices, Delivery – 5 Star on time as promised, Feeling Good – 5 Stars. Great as some of the proceeds are going to a place that helps those in need. Incredible purchase!"

— David H.

When you buy a Thread Talk blanket, you…

Support those in need

Your purchase of one of our blankets not only provides you with comfort and warmth, but also helps others in need. In addition to selling blankets, we donate 10% of all profits to domestic violence shelters because our primary objective is to uplift others.

Own a blanket for any season

Whether you want a breathable lightweight blanket during the summer or a heavy blanket to keep you warm during the winter, we make our blankets with the highest quality materials so you can remain comfortable and cozy regardless of the weather.

Calm your anxiety

Our giant, heavy throw blankets can help you relax and calm your anxious body by giving you a sense of comfort and security. You'll be warm and snug from head to toe with our 5-foot-wide, 6.5-foot-long throw blankets.

Keep a blanket that lasts

Our durable throw blankets are machine washable and resist bacteria accumulation thanks to the high-quality materials they are made of. Whether you wash it once, twice, or 100 times, our blankets stand the test of time.

Blankets with a purpose

When you shop with Thread Talk, you not only get a nice blanket to snuggle up in while you watch your favorite TV show, you also provide hope and a new beginning for survivors of domestic violence. 

That’s because we donate 10% of all sales to

Many domestic abuse survivors flee abuse with only the clothes on their back, and these domestic violence programs help provide them with everything they need to start over.

It's more than just a blanket at Thread Talk. It's a chance to improve lives.