About Us


Who we are

We’d call ourselves a blanket company — but we’re so much more than blankets. Thread Talk™ is the cozy little company spreading opportunity with comfort.


What we do

We sell blankets - gorgeous, super soft and eco-friendly ones that wrap you up in Confidence, Serenity, Love, Hope  and Wonder- with a few other items to make your life a little happier. 

We do it for the smile on your face when your Thread Talk™ shipment arrives. But we also do it to empower women and support victims of domestic violence across the country. 10% of all proceeds are donated to domesticshelters.org to help provide critical wish list items for its 2600+ shelters nationwide. 


Where we are

All 50 U.S. states, including Hawaii and Alaska.

That's why we partnered with domesticshelters.org. We wanted to be available wherever there are victims of domestic violence in need. 

Unfortunately, that's everywhere. 

If you’re aware of a domestic violence program or shelter that is not in the Domestic Shelters database, simply send an email with the name and location of the program and we'll look into adding it. or, if you are a program/shelter representative and you don’t see your organization listed, click here to add.


Why we do it

1 in 4 women and 1 in 9 men in the U.S. have experienced contact sexual violence, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner in their lifetime, according to the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey. 85% of domestic violence victims are women, and physical assault by an intimate partner impacts 1.3 million women each year. 

Chances are, domestic violence has happened to you or someone you love. We know firsthand because it happened to our founder, Hannah Kay Herdlinger. 

Shelters across the country provide a source of protection, support, and empowerment. But it takes a lot to do their work. They need help. Thread Talk™ exists to support the support network- to make sure shelters have what they need to save lives.