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Thread Talk, a certified B Corporation, will supply high-quality and environmentally friendly blankets to your company and work closely with you to help expand their impact in the local community.

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Do good by giving the gift of comfort and hope

Thread Talk wants to offer your employees, clients and customers that dose of extra comfort and hope and spread it to those who need it most. With every blanket purchased, 10% goes directly to fund the wishlists of local domestic violence shelters of your choice.

Recognize and celebrate your employees, clients and customers by saying thank you with a luxurious and meaningful gift that has a lasting impact in your local community and beyond.

If you're looking for the ideal present that is useful and memorable, look no further! Our blankets make the perfect gift for any holiday celebration, birthday and or special occasion. Plus, we offer volume discounts!

A Thread Talk blanket is more than just a blanket; it's an uplifting and powerful gift. 10% of the proceeds from every order are donated to fund the wishlists of a local domestic violence shelter of your choice.

Thread Talk Makes It Easy

We supply the blankets to our partners and work with them to help expand their impact in the local community. We are experienced in working with large brands, yet continue to bring personal, small-company customer service into everything we do.

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About our founder Hannah Kay Herdlinger

"My marriage reached a breaking point on Super Bowl Sunday 2014, when an argument turned violent. It wasn’t the first time, but it turned out to be the worst. Had the hit been slightly harder or to the right, I would be dead or in a coma. With the support of friends and family, this was the wake-up call I needed to leave that relationship.

Unfortunately, many do not have the same support system to change their circumstances. Domestic violence shelters provide shelter, safety, security, and programs to help them get back on their feet. These shelters change lives. They continue to be overcrowded, and more support needs to exist. That’s why I created Thread Talk."

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Our Purpose and Our Why

It takes a lot for domestic violence shelters to do their work and serve the needs of survivors; they need help. Thread Talk exists to make sure shelters have what they need to save lives. We fund critical wish list items for 2600+ shelters nationwide, by selling eco-friendly blankets that will wrap you in Confidence, Serenity, Love, Hope, and Wonder. Thread Talk changes lives. A portion of every sale is donated to to provide vital wish-list items to domestic violence shelters nationwide.

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