Nurturing Serenity




Anyone who’s ever spent time with a toddler can tell you serenity can be in short supply when it comes to kids. They’re at times wild and crazy, emotional and irrational. But then come the quiet moments — when your child is snuggled in your lap as you read them off to sleep or when a long car ride has lulled them to sleep. And that’s when you can pause and take in all their wonder, beauty and life. We thought it a worthwhile mission to nurture more of that serenity, so we created a tiny, comforting blanket just for that and just for them. And you can rest easy that a portion of the proceeds will go to help domestic violence survivors across the country.

Now, as the saying goes, keep calm and shop on.

  • Size: 40" width, 55" length. Whip-stitch boarder
  • Made from 100% cotton 
  • Global Organic Textile Standard  certified
  • Made in Germany
  • Machine wash on the gentle cycle in cold water.
  • Tumble dry on low. Do not bleach or iron.
        This product ships within 1-3 business days