Live Your Best Life: How To Find The Courage To Let Go Of What Is No Longer Serving You

Live Your Best Life: How To Find The Courage To Let Go Of What Is No Longer Serving You

The New Year is here, and you have big plans to tackle 2018 confidently. But there’s this little nagging feeling that you just can’t ignore. Something is holding you back, but what? You quickly run through a list of your priorities in your mind, and suddenly you land on the one that generates that stinging feeling. That feeling? Well, it’s a mixture of disappointment, resentment, guilt, and likely a whole host of other feelings. Yup. that’s the one. The thing (or idea, or person, or…) you’re fiercely loyal to that is no longer serving you. And guess what? It’s holding you back.

In order to step confidently into this new chapter in your life, it’s imperative to let go of the things that are no longer serving you. We spend an extraordinary amount of energy on people and ideas that have long since served their purpose. And in the end, we’re the ones who end up drained and stagnant. So confidence building exercise number one this year? Find the courage to cut things loose!

How to gracefully let go of what is no longer serving you:

Identify what and why.

It may be that one friend you love dearly but always fills your atmosphere with their toxic energy. Or maybe it’s a relationship that just isn’t satisfying your soul. Perhaps you’ve developed a habit that you realize is a waste of time, money, or it’s harming you. whatever it is, the first step (as they say…) is admitting that it’s a problem. This step isn’t easy. In fact, it can be kind of painful, especially if it’s time to say goodbye to someone who has up until this point been a big part of your life.

Understanding the why is an important ingredient here. Without recognizing what the true issue is for you, whether it’s the disruption of your internal peace or it’s affecting your future growth, it’s unlikely you’ll find the courage to cut it loose without understanding why.

You have to ultimately come to the decision that you’re important. and that takes an extraordinary amount of confidence. And we know you have it in you. because you’re worth it.

Take time to accept that it’s time.

Just because you’ve identified the issue doesn’t mean it’ll immediately feel good. There are certainly situations where once your eyes have been opened to something, you can’t wait to move on. but typically, finding a place of peace takes time.

Know that you don’t have to do anything immediately. Take time to process your way through the decision and the after effects it may have on your life.

Release it.

The best and hardest part...letting it go. This may involve the conscious decision to no longer reach out to someone. Or you may have to commit to the idea of quitting something cold turkey. Whatever your methods, it’s valuable to know that there will likely continue to be a mix of emotions surrounding the decision. This is normal.

Just because you’ve decided to let something go doesn’t mean it wasn’t once important. Some people and some things have a purpose for a season. And choosing to let them go doesn’t mean you have to dishonor what they meant to your life at any given point in time.

You are in control of your life and your happiness. And you get to choose who and what you let in. Don’t let former loyalties hold you back from future happiness.

Trust. Belief. Conviction. Self-assurance.
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