Finding The Courage To Ignite Change; The Keisha Christian Story

Finding The Courage To Ignite Change; The Keisha Christian Story

For most of us, there comes a point in life where we have to make a choice. a cross roads. a defining moment that is a permanent point of reference: before and after. There are a million different ways this defining moment can come into our lives; bad habits, insecurities, abuse, you name it. But the one thing thing these moments have in common is that they require a summoning of confidence to ignite change.

If you met Keisha today, you’d see that she is poised, confident, beautiful and joyful; a beacon of light for all who know her. but Keisha’s life hasn’t always been so full of joy. In fact, she faced daily abuse for almost ten years. She found herself continually trying to fill voids in her life all of which she knows stems back to her parents divorce when she was 8 years old.

At 19, she entered into the relationship that began the pattern of abuse in her life. in an attempt to fill the huge hole inside of her, she convinced herself that this relationship was the forever kind.

The abuse went on for years. her abusers punched her, shoved her, and burned her with lighters. There were nights where she’d wake moments after being choked unconscious. All that time, no one came to her rescue. But still on her quest for love, she had another child and the pattern just kept repeating itself over and over again.


She compares her feelings to that of a drug addict: until you are ready to admit that you have a problem and stop, you won’t. She knew even if she were to call the police that she’d end up going back. That is, until she had enough. Until she was ready to leave.


Like a flipped switch, Keisha realized that she didn’t deserve the abuse. Her confidence was still missing, but she had a drive to want better; if not not for herself, then for her children. She knew she had to do better for them.

Eventually, Keisha made the decision to go back to school. This decision would invite tremendous struggle and sacrifice into her life, but she knew she deserved a better life, and she was determined to do whatever it took to make that happen, especially for her children.

In time, Keisha found her voice and has been dedicated to using it to inspire others and advocate for those who have experienced domestic violence. She is now an advocate, author, and motivational speaker on a mission to end this horrible epidemic. She’s the founder of the I bleed purple organization which is built to empower victims of domestic abuse. Keisha has been a guest on Erica Campbell’s “Get Up! Mornings Withe Erica” radio show, the Micheal Basiden Show, has been featured in magazines, blog posts and podcasts. Her story was filmed and aired nationally on Freeform and CBN with the 700 club. and she’s gone on to publish a book, Wounds to Wisdom; The Survivor Series, which focuses on the stories of 12 brave domestic violence survivors and witnesses.

Pain can either paralyze us or push us, it’s up to us which we choose. Keisha took her deck of cards, shuffled them up, and dealt herself a new life because she deserved it. And so do you. keep up with Keisha on her website, and be sure to grab your copy of her book, Wounds to Wisdom, today!

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