• Sunday Survivor Story: Volunteering to Heal

    Posted on September 16 2018

    Audrey Mabrey’s husband wasn’t abusive during their marriage. “He had never been violent before,” she says. “He had never put hands on me. He had never called me a bad...

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  • Survivor Sunday Story: Jennifer

    Posted on September 02 2018

    I had a great childhood. I was raised by a single mom. I felt loved, but there was inconsistency, and I felt things were not necessarily done with my best...

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  • Sunday Survivor Story: Chris

    Posted on August 24 2018

    Christopher Anderson grew up with domestic violence, but not the paradigm experience one might think of. “My father never laid a hand on my mother or me,” he says. Yet,...

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  • Sunday Survivor Story: Suzanna

    Posted on August 19 2018

    After 13 years of marriage to a man who would eventually be diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder, I left with my two younger sons and moved in with my mother...

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  • Sunday Survivor Story: Wendy*

    Posted on July 22 2018

    They were driving to a wedding, from Michigan to South Carolina, when it happened. He grabbed her arm and bit it. Hard. Wendy, 28 years old and five months pregnant,...

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  • Sunday Survivor Story: Gus

    Posted on July 08 2018

    If you had to pick a domestic violence survivor out of a crowd, your gaze probably wouldn’t stop on Gus. He doesn’t embody what society paints as a typical survivor—he’s...

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