• Survivor Sunday Story: Alyssa

    Posted on December 09 2018

    Remember teenage love? All those wacky hormones and new feelings and butterflies that didn’t quit? For Alyssa, she remembers it was all of this, and more, when she was 16 and...

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  • Survivor Sunday Story: Maralee McLean

    Posted on November 25 2018

    Maralee McLean endured years of emotional and physical abuse from her then-husband, Lance. But what he did to her while they were married was nothing compared to agony she was...

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  • Sunday Survivor Story: Caroline Abbott

    Posted on November 11 2018

    “The first years were good,” says Caroline Abbott of her 20-year marriage. It wasn’t until the last 10 years that there was a “very gradual, very, very slow escalation into...

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  • Sunday Survivor Story: Crystal

    Posted on October 28 2018

    Crystal Sanchez is a survivor. But a decade after leaving her 8-year relationship with an abusive boyfriend, she decided to change her title. She now considers herself a “soul nurturer...

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  • Sunday Survivor Story: E. Marie Hall

    Posted on October 14 2018

    Many domestic violence survivors share their stories, hoping they can make a difference in someone’s life. But most don’t want to address abusers. Not E. Marie Hall. The 52-year-old from...

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  • Sunday Survivor Story: Ron Blake

    Posted on September 30 2018

    One December night six years ago, while Ron Blake was asleep in his Phoenix, Ariz., home, three men broke in, held him down and sexually assaulted him. One of those three men was...

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