• Sunday Survivor Stories: Waqas

    Posted on February 03 2019

    The stereotype is that Muslim men beat their wives. But I was the one being abused and for years I didn’t even recognize my ex’s behavior as abuse. Once I...

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  • Sunday Survivor Story: Michele

    Posted on January 20 2019

    Michele Weldon had a doting boyfriend in her 20s. So doting, in fact, that he wanted to know where she was every second of the day. “I remember thinking, ‘Oh,...

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  • Sunday Survivor Story: Joanne

    Posted on January 06 2019

    I moved to America from Malta in 1988, when I was 19, to be with my high school sweetheart. He had moved there two years earlier, and we had been...

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  • Survivor Sunday Story: Anna

    Posted on December 23 2018

    Dating someone in her 20s who was verbally and psychologically abusive isn’t something Anna* says she thinks about much almost 15 years later. But it was an experience that would...

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  • Survivor Sunday Story: Alyssa

    Posted on December 09 2018

    Remember teenage love? All those wacky hormones and new feelings and butterflies that didn’t quit? For Alyssa, she remembers it was all of this, and more, when she was 16 and...

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  • Survivor Sunday Story: Maralee McLean

    Posted on November 25 2018

    Maralee McLean endured years of emotional and physical abuse from her then-husband, Lance. But what he did to her while they were married was nothing compared to agony she was...

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